Dental Billing Audit

DRG offers a dental billing audit designed to provide a comprehensive report that entails every aspect of the current revenue cycle operations. Our auditors perform chart and coding audits to analyze how well your practice is capturing the charges for services and if your practice is not under or over billing for these services. Our Billing Audit is comprehensive, reviewing your entire billing process and we evaluate the effectiveness of the existing the current financial health of the practice. Our audit is spearheaded by professionals who keep a keen eye on the entire process and identify problematic areas along with a complete solution on how to resolve it. This audit monitors, identifies, and rectifies the critical errors that can lead to potential revenue loss and compliance issues for future. Get started now (Call to action button for contact us now or direct link to contact page needs to be entered here.)

We will provide you a report that answers many questions, how often are you submitting claims, how many claims are outstanding? Why are claims and balances outstanding? We identify trends and patterns and a comprehensive report will be delivered to you following the completion of the audit.


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