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  • DRG Streamlines your Dental Billing

    Dental billing can be an extremely complicated process that requires experience and efficiency for optimal collections. It requires constant effort to improve cash flow, without compromising the clinical side of the practice. By using our complete dental management cycle billing services, you can have ample time to concentrate on patient care.

    Founded in 2015, Dental Revenue Group, Inc. (DRG) is the premier services-only Dental Service Organization (DSO) trusted by independent dental practices to maximize profitability and reduce expenses. Over the years, we have developed a wide range of products and services that allow our clients to remain successful, independent practice owners.

    • Get. Paid. Faster.

      We send your claims and we send them fast. Our team takes the inefficacies out of your office processes so you get paid faster and without losing revenue.

    • Insurance Benefit & Eligibility

      Have BOBs before the patient walks into the practice. We provide you detailed insurance breakdown of benefits.

    • Accounts

      Welcome to the world of clean accounts, accurate adjustments, defined balances and paid insurance claims.

    • Treatment Plans

      Present accurate treatment estimates. We get it, fee schedule entry is time consuming let us handle it!

    • Growth

      We are here to watch you flourish! Focus on growth and we can focus on making sure you collect what you produce. Your collections will soar with our dental billing services.

    • Stability

      Billing staff turnover costs $$,
      slows you down and impacts your
      collections, don’t be put into that position again.

    Dental Billing Services

    Dental Billing Audit

    Where is your revenue? A bird’s eye view for you to know where a practice stands as far as accounts receivable and insurance claim status. Audit entails a thorough analysis of the practice to identify the gaps in the overall billing process.
    We identify problematic areas, deficiencies in processes and issues in accounts receivable or coding errors.

    Fee Schedules, Provider Credentialing & Network Participation

    Credentialing helps providers get paid faster and on time. DRG can credential providers in or out of network with their specifically chosen insurance carriers. Dental Insurance Plan credentialing services are provided to ease the burden off of the practice owner when opening a new practice or adding new providers within a practice. We are the experts in credentialing and have built many long- lasting relationships with insurance representatives. We handle the entire process and keep you up to date during the credentialing.

    Optimize You Dental Practice Efficiency. Increase Your Revenue

    • Detailed Insurance Breakdown of Benefits
    • Provider Insurance Credentialing
    • Dental Claim Submissions
    • Dental Claim Posting, Claim Appeals
    • Credentialing major insurance companies
    • Accounts Receivables Management/Patient Billing
    • New, Start Up Office Credentialing Services
    • Fee Schedule Entry and Management
    • Detailed Financial Reporting
    • Dental Billing Audit-Current Status of Billings
    • Complete Dental Billing Cycle Management
    • Dental Software Transitions (Setup and Data Entry)


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