You focus on taking care of patients and let us worry about your billing.

You work hard to balance the demands of medicine and business. It is not an easy task to ensure that your practice delivers quality patient care, higher productivity, and increased cash flow, all while trying to comply with ever-changing regulations and payer guidelines.

With DRG Inc. we keep your net collections high & accounts receivable as low as expected. Our complete practice management and dental billing solution eliminates all charge entry, claim submission, payment posting and follow-up, and much more. These are the following services we provide to make any practice the most successful.

Dental Billing Services:

  • Follow-up on all unresolved claims in over 30 days and claims correction submission
  • Billing Insurance-Daily e-claims review before submission and errors correction, narratives submission, NEA attachments drafted
  • Initial contact follow-up on over 30 days unpaid patient balances up to collection agency processing
  • Billing Patients-Account Statements (postage charged to the client)
  • Weekly reporting on progress
  • Enter all mailed payments (pre-auths, insurance payments from EOBs & patient payments)
  • Collection Process, submission to the collection agency, and overseeing funds recovery and litigation (collection agency fees charged to a client)
  • Phone support for dental billing: claims processing, financial practice management forms and systems, general dental billing questions, accounts receivable management guidance.

Benefits Verification:

  • Benefits Verification Service Information
  • Eligibility for active coverage for all hygiene patients
  • Full benefits breakdown for new patients, emergency patients, or new insurance on existing patients
  • Same day verification with a 25-minute response
  • Use custom benefits verification questionnaire
  • Setup of insurance plan and patient’s benefits breakdown in your software

Pre Authorizations in advance

  • Insurance companies are there to help you with the financial burden of dental procedures. However, they seem to find loopholes in hopes that they don’t have to pay too much out of their
  • This is where preauthorization’s come in handy, and here at dental claims company we always send out preauthorization’s in hopes to maximize insurance benefits.
  • Preauthorizations are important when it comes to procedures that are considered “major” or cost $300.00 and up.
  • There are a few other procedures that don’t fall into the “major” category, such as scaling and root planning, that should also be preauthorized
  • Preauthorizations are an important part of dental treatment for both the patient and the dental office. It allows the patient and the office to know how much the patient is going to have pay, and how much the dental office should not only be receiving but also how much they have to write off as well.

Medical Billing for Dental Currently, there are many dental procedures that fall under these medical guidelines and that can and should be filed medically, and among them are:

  • Examinations and consultations for the orofacial medical condition.
  • Many oral surgical procedures
  • Medically necessary periodontal procedures
  • Medically necessary implant procedures
  • Procedures relating to oral dysfunction
  • TMD procedures
  • Procedures for myofascial pain conditions
  • Medically necessary radiograph
  • Trauma-related dental procedures
  • Oral cancer screenings
  • Sleep apnea procedures

Dental Billing Phone Support

  • There is no formal training in dental office business administration or dental billing.  For a monthly subscription, we provide phone support to your office manager and front office personnel.
  • We are a perfect fit for new employees or team members that may need support in claims submission, insurance account set-up, drafting narratives, advice in claims management, guidance in systems for accounts receivable management, as well as, other advice or suggestions with front office administrations.
  • Claims processing and insurance accounts set-up,
  • Financial practice management forms and systems,
  • Accounts receivable management guidance which includes systems and protocols
  • General dental billing questions

Sending Treatment Plans prior to the appointment date

  • Our approach is foreseeing the need for the latest technologies and applying it to simplify our client’s practice.
  • These services will help a dentist run his or her office more efficiently while saving on staff time and the cost of claims processing.

Hygiene Reactivation Program/ Training hygienist, dental assistants

  • If you are looking to improve your hygiene schedule we can help you with your hygiene reactivation.
  • Our program includes many levels based on your volume of unscheduled hygiene patients.
  • Training hygienist, dental assistants to convert their regular cleanings (1110)to SRP (4341,4342) on dental and medical necessity.
  • Our team will manage your patient pool and clean up your charts.  We start by calling ALL unscheduled hygiene patients

Dental Purchasing Group

  • We are strongly partnered with Henry Schein /Patterson dental company for membership savings.
  • Our aim is to provide you member driven, dental-specific, maximum discounts. They provide independent and group dental practices with cost savings programs that improve profitability

Project Based Services

We have been asked to help practices with various projects.  Here are some things we have done.  We are here to help.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us, whatever your struggles are.

  • Insurance fee schedules set-up and data entry:  We contact all the insurance companies on your behalf and enter the fees in your practice management system.  We also help your team train how to attach these fees to your patient accounts and guide you through the transition.  This is an important time-consuming task that improves your treatment planning and helps you draft accurate financial agreements with patients so that you can collect their portion accurately before you proceed with treatment.  The benefit of this is that you will improve your patient billing and increase your cash flow.  Many offices do not have the fees set-up properly which creates many billing struggles.
  • Specific Insurance struggles: Example: Delta Dental checks sent to patient’s recovery, specific insurance holds out payment on claims, specific insurance claims that they are not receiving claims event though they are electronically filed etc.
  • Incorrect Write-offs generated errors in billing and patient accounts