Being a dental practitioner, you need an adviser who can closely monitor your unique needs. At DRG Inc. we not just help our clients to handle the administrative side of their practice but we also work closely with them to monitor the financial aspect of their business as well.

An effective tax planning can minimize the overall tax charges to optimize your business growth to its potential. For relatively smaller practices minimizing the tax liability can provide more capital for reinvestment, growth, and expenses.

With the ever-changing and complicated federal income tax rules, the benefits of an effective tax planning are arguably more valuable than it used to be. Undeniably effective tax planning strategies minimize your tax obligation. Taking advantage of favorable tax-law provisions, cumulative and accelerating tax deductions and tax credits not only increase the revenue of your practice, it takes you closer to your financial goals in the longer run.

With our complete focus on dental practices. DRG is well equipped to handle all your tax needs.

  • In Office Automation
  • Provide installation, training, and support
  • Implement effective payroll processing and transmission
  • Strategies and implement an effective process for financial recordings
  • Improve internal control
  • Tax Planning and Return Preparation
  • Tax strategies to save money
  • Provide estimation of your yearly taxes
  • Direct access to tax professionals
  • Financial Reporting
  • Access to customized financial reports
  • Structuring of income and expenses for each provider or practice area by direct allocation or by using production, revenue or expense based allocations.
  • Support for All of Your Need
  • Directly assigned an experienced staff accountant and a tax associate
  • All reports and tax activities are reviewed by professionals

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