Physician practices participate with the broad range of challenges while competing with complex healthcare systems. Due to such a challenging spectrum, a comprehensive practice evaluation is important to gauge the overall efficiency and productivity of your practice and devising key insights to further improve your practice’s financial and operational performance.

Dentists Revenue Group, Inc. as a practice management firm can provide such assessment and evaluation for your practice. Our experts are well equipped and trained to highlight the issues that are there within your practice by focusing on both micro and macro challenges which are part of the Dental practice. The evaluation is structured to measure your practice’s overall potential, identify loopholes within the firm’s financial layout, and provide you with profitable solutions of the overall operational value, by breaking down the operation at a measurable level to gauge the cost structure of your practice. Our focus is also towards increasing the cash-flow within the practice, by identifying marketing needs and devising strategies to increase the overall patient volume.

We conduct a comprehensive audit of both sides of the practice, i.e. revenue and expense. Our objective is to highlight the opportunity gaps on both sides so that we can enhance the incoming revenue and minimize the expenses to have higher productivity and efficiency.

Our evaluation includes a detailed analysis of, Revenue Cycle Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Compliance Management, Accounting and Financial Management, and Infrastructure Management.