The secret to attract and retain new patients is a core of your practice. Your presence, engagement in effective marketing and social activities will boost your professional image and reputation.

Developing strategies for marketing is challenging nowadays. There are numerous platforms and channels being used to direct new and repeat patient volume to the practice. DRG brings these marketing resources at the doorsteps of the dental practices. We help these practices with effective marketing campaigns through internet, seminars, and workshops. The traditional marketing channels (TV, Print, and Radio) is declining due to excessive use of social media networks and search engines. Though the traditional channels (TV, Print, and Radio) still have a wide range of audience your active presence on the internet can attract more patients. A detailed AD/VD description of the services rendered in conjunction with the Positive patient reviews increase the trust of a relatively new patient.

DRG’s comprehensive marketing and public relation service can develop the trust of new patients before they meet your front desk staff.

Our services include:

  • Printing and distribution of brochures and informative flyers
  • Print media management to publish articles and press releases
  • The arrangement of informative seminars and workshop to educate the general public about the importance of oral hygiene, dental health care and visiting the nearest dentist for complementary checkups
  • Customization of a personalized platform to increase patient/dentist relation on the go
  • Aggressive campaigns on social media and search engines to increase the number of patients at your front desk
  • Constant interactions with practice patients for repeat business