An effective HR policy is an essential element to enable the delivery of efficient and effective services to gain patients satisfaction.

The importance of human resource management is formidable in the field of dental practice management. With changes being forced from various regulatory authorities in areas of record keeping and patient management, human resource management plays a vital role towards the success of a practice.

Deployment of the right person to do the right job is the key factor to achieve the long-term profitability. With DRG extensive experience in HR management, we help facilitate our dental practitioners in all aspects of Human Resource management.

We facilitate them in:

  1. Job analysis
  2. Staffing
  3. Management and optimal utilization of the workforce
  4. Designing reward policies for the key performers
  5. Developing a positive working environment

Our specialist Human Resource Wing calibrate with you to maintain day to day tasks:

  • Arranging Employees development plan
  • Professional training program to maintain the performance of the staff qualitatively and quantitatively
  • Performance Evaluation of individual employee to determine problems with a problem-solving approach
  • Regulate meetings
  • Defining agenda to make timely decisions while adapting to changes in ever-changing dental practice management industry
  • Streamline work schedules to support the practice to meet revenue growth