How we will help you to start a Dental practice
Choosing to start a dental practice, from the ground floor up is as exciting as it is terrifying. Whether or not your expertise is in healthcare, real estate, entertainment, or any other field. Opening a new business is a high-risk venture. Dentists often think they can save money with a do-it-yourself method; however, this often costs them thousands of dollars over the first few years of their dental practice.

We at DRG, Inc. work with Dentists, to open the doors of their own dental practice after leaving a hospital position, or breaking away from a group dental practice. Our team approach with you as a key player has proven to be fail-proof. We have refined the process to help ensure a successful dental practice start-up.

We provide start-up services for:

  • Solo and multi-dentists Dental practices in all specialties.
  • Mid-level provider and nurse practitioner-owned dental practices.

We Work with Dentists in the following areas:

  • Disbursement of funds
  • Business and Financial Plan
  • Market Research and Viability Study
  • Website Development and Search Engine Optimization
  • Vendor Selection of Equipment and Dental supplies
  • Dental Billing Services
  • Research and define low cost /high-value insurances, to include malpractice and office insurance
  • Initiate and monitor the credentialing process
  • Activate and monitor marketing initiatives
  • Assist with HR fundamentals for the dental practice: recruiting, determine employee benefits and create a draft of the employee handbook.
  • Deliver HIPAA, CLIA and OSHA compliance plans
  • Choose optimal EHR option, secure a quote and monitor process
  • Work closely with financing institution to ensure timely disbursement of funds