Hiring an efficient front desk staff at your practice is equally important as having an experienced healthcare and nursing staff.

The performance of your front desk office staff can affect your practice performance directly in terms of patient volume and revenue generation.

Your aggressive marketing campaign can bring new patients into the door but it is the front desk person who can help retain the patient and create a positive image for practices.

DRG’s effective employee training program increase the productivity of your front and back-end staff,  We understand the needs of your practice and collaborate with your existing staff to develop necessary skills required to get their job done.

DRG’s employee training program enables you to revise the policies for the administrative, clinical and front desk and back-end staff that will maximize the staff utilization and will impact the revenues directly.

Our employee training program is:

  • Training front desk staff how to use telephone effectively to retain existing customers
  • Convert every inquiry into an appointment
  • Maintain positive working atmosphere to gain patients trust
  • Scheduling and front desk interviews
  • Handling any unforeseen situations