Our buy less/ pay bulk programs provides office and clinical items used by the dentist at a price far below the retail rates. Regardless of the size of your practice & volume you require, we can help get those items far below the retail price.

Over the years DRG Inc. was able to forge alliances with various manufacturers and distributors of Dental supplies.

DRG Inc. Advantage:

Our institutional program offers many benefits for small to mid-size dental practices.

  • Low Prices: You will enjoy some of the lowest rates in the industry on most of the dental supplies
  • Selection: We work with most leading manufacturers and distributors
  • Service: Enjoy working with a dedicated account manager who can help lift the prices & comparisons for you.
  • Flexible payment terms: Post-pay for your orders via check, wire transfer, or credit/debit card is available from some of the vendors we use to bring you the supplies
  • Purchase orders: Upon placing your orders, you will receive customized invoices with your purchase order numbers prominently displayed.
  • Fast Order Processing & Delivery: With our nationwide network of alliances, most shipments will arrive in 1 to 3 business days, at no extra cost to you.