Whether you are looking forward to merging your practice with another dental practice or planning to take over a dental practice, it looks like a simplified procedure but it is a complex process in itself.

The effect of different personalities and management styles can polarize the decision making power that can alter the efficiency of the individual’s performance. The legal and financial complication is also a matter of contention required to be negotiated.

At DRG our experts help you to evaluate the possibilities:

  • Whether this merger/acquisition is right for you.
  • This merger/acquisition meets your objectives.
  • Whether this merger/acquisition is affordable for you.

Using our expert services you can incorporate risks and rewards associated with that acquisition. Our expert advice provides efficient and knowledgeable support for a large number of operational issues involved. Dental Revenue Group can bring the full scope of dental practice merger knowledge to what needs to be done and can coordinate with your legal counsel and business brokers. Dental Revenue Group stands ready to help you keep from heading down the slippery dental practice merger slope that can lead to a disastrous conclusion or an expensive courtship with no marriage.

Our process includes:

  • Analysis of your goals and objectives
  • Escalation  of financial forecasts
  • Financial planning
  • Market assessment to prepare a business plan
  • Assistance in purchase negotiations
  • Advice & documentation
  • Tax Planning & Compliance