In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing healthcare environment, most dental practitioners face rising costs and reimbursement declines along with increasing competition. Most are forced to spend extra hours at work & tend to see a higher number of patients to maintain the same level of cash flow. Even spending long hours at work, dentist’s compensation continues to decline.

At DRG we believe that dental practitioners do not need to increase work hours and see additional patients add additional revenues, rather they can lift their practice revenues by adding ancillary services. There is a tremendous financial benefit in being able to capture some of the revenues generated by these ancillary services.

According to some of the latest surveys, adding few of the ancillary services like Radiology (x-rays and imaging) services, Oral Hygiene consultants, pharmacy services under one roof not only attracts new patients but also help increase the level of patient care and satisfaction. It also helps stay one step ahead of the competition. Question is what ancillary services and the legal ramifications of adding these services.

At DRG we make sure that all the regulatory compliance is done before advising on adding ancillary services while making sure that the staff doesn’t get overburden.

DRG suggest the following services:

Radiography (x-rays and imaging) Services

Aside from the possibility of increasing your practice’s income, offering Radiology (X-ray and imaging) services under the same roof is convenient for you and your patient.

Pharmacy Services

Incorporating office dispensaries in their practice is another way to gain patients satisfaction and increase cash flows.

Oral Hygiene Awareness Desk

Establishing an oral hygiene awareness desk may not impact cash flow directly but it can increase the patient satisfaction level, boost doctor-patient relation and can attract more patient to consult your front desk officer with oral help.